I just met Cathy from Cathy’s Craving

Last night I was at a New Years Eve party where there were a lot of people wearing very little clothing. I had noticed a conservatively dressed (comparatively) couple standing by the dance floor, and had a nagging “I’ve seen her somewhere before” tickle in my head.

In an exchange that probably won’t be remembered in the history of great dialogue, I asked who she was, and discovered that she was a “hardcore amateur housewife” with photos all over the internet. “I feel like a should get an autograph or something,” I blurted. She laughed, “I’m just a regular person.” Despite my being sweaty and shirtless, she gave me a hug, and I took my thrilling repartee elsewhere.

Cathy and her husband Peter developed their first website in 1998 and run several websites featuring Cathy. They live and work in California, but have family in Melbourne, which explains why they were at the party. Cathy can be found on Cathy’s Craving, Creampie Cathy, Cum Swapping Cathy, Cathy Does Blacks, Gangbang Cathy, and Cathy And Friends.

As you might be able to guess from the names of her websites, it is quite hard to find pictures of Cathy where she is not surrounded by a veritable forrest of cocks, but I have done my best to not make the gallery too hardcore.

Congratulations Cathy, for being able to turn a hobby into a full-time job. :)

Happy New Year everyone!

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