Nude in San Francisco

Nude near the Golden Gate BridgeA while ago I wrote about how porn made in Melbourne is more “San Francisco” than “San Fernando Valley”.

The similarities between Melbourne and San Fran are actually quite strong: both are at 38 degrees latitude, both have trams, both were built on a bay, and both cities grew hugely in the 1800s due to a gold rush…oh, and both cities have a kick-arse music and art scene.

So it was no real surprise to stumble upon Nude in San Francisco, which features fully nude, non-porny girls walking through the city streets in broad daylight.

Nude in San Francisco

They even have a Nude Map (just like us)

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  1. kparks says:

    The women featured here are beautiful, sexy,and hot. I would love to be bare ass naked with any one of them. This a great site.

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