Sticker Competition

I have decided that Naked Melbourne needs some promotional stickers for the street team (i.e. me) to help spread the word.

Send me your designs; all submissions will be posted here with an artist credit and website link. If you submit the winning design, you get a free print run for a design of your choice (really, whatever you want) at Sticker Printing Australia, who are located in Fitzroy.

You are encouraged to get all artistic, but there are a few design criteria to keep in mind:

  • Your sticker can be any size and shape that is available as a paper sticker from Sticker Printing Australia.
  • Stickers will be printed in full colour, at photo quality but it is still a good idea to limit your colour palette to maximise visual impact.
  • I like street art and stencil designs, and think that retro pinup art is cool.
  • Cheeky and flirty is good (especially with a sense of humour); crude is not. Hardcore porn is not what I am looking for.
  • I can’t think of a way to do this without looking horrible, but it would be cool (but not mandatory) to include a mobile phone QR Code, so people can take a photo of the sticker with their phone, and be automatically directed to the website.
  • The design must include the website address:

There is no cut off date for the competition. Once I have a few designs that I like, I will pick one and send it off to be printed (along with the artist’s design of their choice).

If you are not an artist or designer, you can still leave a commend to say which designs you like (keep it nice).

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