Winter Wonderland Naked Bike Ride 2011

Ask, and ye shall receive. On Friday night, I posted this on Twitter:

NakedMelbourne Naked Melbourne
Apparently the Melbourne Naked Bike Ride did go ahead tonight. If anyone has pics, please send them through. #WNBR

The next day I received this email, along with some photos (note: edited for spelling and grammar).

Hi there; long-time listener first time caller.

I saw your tweet asking for photos of the Winter Wonderland naked bike ride, so I thought I would send you mine. Georgie Haberfield’s leader story that you linked to was not allowed to show any dicks or boobs, so I guess that is your job.

The ride was much smaller than the one in March – maybe about 25 people, but the atmosphere was better. Everyone was really friendly and social. We started at the Lord Newry, and rode up Brunswick street, then across to the museum and along Queensbury street, down Lygon, and finished up at the Dan O’Connell.

The highlights were the random guy on a bike who stripped off and joined us on Brunswick street, and the great response we got from the dinnertime crowd along the Lygon street restaurant strip…oh, and being able to drink beer while nude at the Dan O’Connell.

Like Georgie’s Leader article says, the cold caused some serious shrinkage, but fortunately it wasn’t permanent. :)


<name removed by request>

Thanks “Anon”, for sending those in, and for braving the cold to help keep Melbourne interesting. Hopefully some of my readers will join you in March 2012 for the next one.

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  1. Here is the original announcement for the Winter WonderLand Melbourne Naked Bike Ride 2011. They might have got a few more people if they had announced the details more than a couple of days before it happened.

    The only other photo I have been able to find was here from @ScanAustralia.

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