World Naked Bike Ride 2011

Bring your helmet, but leave the lycra at home. More than 100 nude and body painted cyclists will be riding to Parliament House on Spring street for Melbourne’s World Naked Bike Ride in March.

The naked riders will be celebrating the bicycle as an ethical and environmentally-friendly alternative to the car, highlighting the vulnerability of cyclists on Melbourne’s roads, and generally enjoying being naked and free in the sunshine.

We face automobile traffic with our naked bodies as the best way of defending our dignity and exposing the unique dangers faced by cyclists and pedestrians plus all the negative effects of oil, cars, war, consumerism and non-renewable energy.

The event will be held on Sunday 6th of March 2011. Organisers As Bare As You Dare advise that riders should meet at 3pm in the Edinburgh Gardens, North Fitzroy to be body painted before the ride.

For readers in Sydney, there will also be a Naked Bike Ride in Sydney in a couple of weeks (Saturday 19/March/2011).

I am planning on riding this year. Photos etc will be posted after the event.

Update: 150 riders showed their support for bike safety…or public nudity…or low-carbon emissions…or something….I’m not sure any more. I have posted a gallery of 50+ photos below…

You are just going to ignore this and go straight for the photos aren’t you? Here are some of my impressions anyway… :)

  • Everyone was super-friendly.
  • The police were aware of the event, but didn’t interfere
  • A lot people used the words “bucket list”.
  • I talked with a guy who had been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, and this was his way of celebrating life after getting better.
  • So I guess it could have been worse, I only ran into three people that I knew today.

And here are the YouTube videos…

Stay tuned for the Winter WonderLand Melbourne Naked Bike Ride on Friday 10 June 2011.

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  1. More photos at:

    · Flickr (80+ photos. This looks like the best place to add your photos)
    · Melbourne Leader (22 photos)
    · The Age (14 photos)
    · Mizozo (15 photos, mostly taken from the Melbourne Leader)
    · AsBareAsYouDare (9 photos)
    · Demotix (4 photos)

    News stories:

    · Put best cheek forward (Melbourne Leader – Mar 3, 2001 by Georgie Haberfield)
    · Nude cyclists shock Melbourne streets (ABC Online – ‎Mar 6, 2011‎). Who is the idiot that writes these headlines? I didn’t see anyone who was shocked. I saw a lot of people having a giggle, but no one seemed offended. I expected better from the ABC. Maybe the subeditor could go and work for Neil Mitchell or something.
    · Naked cyclists sweep Melbourne streets (International Business Times – ‎Mar 8, 2011‎ by Floyd Allen)
    · Naked cyclists ‘ride through Melbourne’ (Digital Spy – ‎Mar 7, 2011‎ by Mayer Nissim)
    · Oz cyclists strip naked to highlight vulnerability of riders on roads ( – ‎Mar 6, 2011‎)
    · Melbourne Naked Bike Riders 2011 (EngageMedia – ‎Mar 6, 2011‎)
    · Nude cyclists cause a stir in Melbourne (Monsters and – ‎Mar 6, 2011‎)
    · 2011 World Naked Bike Ride rolls through Melbourne (Melbourne Leader – ‎Mar 5, 2011‎ by Georgie Haberfield)
    · Cyclists get nude in Melbourne (Ninemsn – ‎Mar 5, 2011‎)
    · Video: Naked cyclists swarm CBD (The Age – Mar 7, 2011)
    · Cyclists strip up to their helmets to make a point (The Age – Mar 7, 2011). This also has a video.
    · Cyclists get nude in Melbourne (AAP via The Age – Mar 6, 2011)


    · The Agents' Broadcast » As Bare As You Dare 2011. This is by far the best video I have seen of the event.

  2. Lindsay says:

    I was on the ride, and rescued one of the females from the tree by putting her on my shoulders. Not sure which female. A photo was taken of me.
    Any possibility of getting a copy of this photo?

  3. Darryl says:

    Hi. I went on last year’s ride.
    Besides the thrill of riding and protesting naked, I was wondering if we ever get any government feedback on the protest?
    I mean, if we are going to do it, what’s the point unless we put across a clear message that evokes a response, and positive change.
    We get a lot of media coverage, but how are we using this to get a result?
    Any feedback would be appreciated… and make me want to be involved in future protests.
    Thanks, Darryl.

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